For over a week now, my kids have been sick. Clingy, needy, extra impatient and struggling to share me. I'm married. My husband and I have been together for 13 years. He's a fantastic Father. A Father that works.

My support system is limited but luckily for us, my Mum's retirement pretty much coincided with the birth of my second baby, she helps out a lot. I'm so grateful of that and can't begin to think how Mumma's with young babes close in age, (like mine) cope without some sort of support.

Attending a GP appointment early this week (babes in tow) was an incredibly intense experience, a necessity that seemed almost impossible from the off. A necessity I almost walked out on without being seen but, unbelievably as I was attempting to encourage my screaming, trashing toddler from the floor whilst cradling her hysterical baby brother and hanging bags and baby seats from any partially available limb, my childhood best friend walked in.

Fate, the Universe, luck; whatever you want to call it, just as I'd surrendered she was sent to me. My oldest, closest friend. Pretty much the only person I could have wished for in that over magnified, super stressful moment. Just as my children could no longer take the wait nor, no longer be entertained by the germ ridden toy box (to be fair Forrest is 8 and a half months and Ryver not much more than two. We'd been there for over 2 hrs!), just as I was desperate to free us from a waiting room full of disapproving stares, there she was.

She's the one that knows me inside out, the one who's seen it all, the one who can turn my hysterical, overtired, poorly children into laughing, balls of joy in just one cwtch. The one.

This got me thinking.... The impact our children take upon our lives is indescribable, we'd not change them for the world but we must too, remember the important folk who were there before them. The real important ones, the ones that we can't live without. The ones that love yours like they love their own. The ones that know you, the real you! The ones your wore matching leggings with as an 8 (or 28) year old.

There are friends in our lives that come and go, friends we see occasionally. Friends old and friends new but if you're lucky enough to have a friend like mine take time to value what you have. Juggling motherhood and friendship is hard, real hard but squeeze in what ever time you can to remember what made you such great mates to begin with. Friendships are valuable, great ones a rarity; don't let the diamonds turn to dust.

Big Love,

S x

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