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I became a mum in 2016. I have uploaded hundreds (and taken thousands) of pictures of my baby, I am a little bit obsessed with her.

Since becoming a mother I have noticed many mothers (and fathers) uploading pictures of their babies/children/parent experiences accompanied by the #babyspam hashtag, or with a caption that goes something like "boring mum post, but...", and it got me thinking.

We try for what seems like forever to have a baby, grow them for 9 months, push them out of our bodies, give up everything to take care of them and are then made to feel guilty about oversharing pictures & stories of them or becoming 'that mum'.

Well, that guilt can sod right off. I want you to know that I do not think your baby is 'spam', that I think that picture of your baby's explosive poo is great and you should upload hundreds of pictures everyday.

So I'm calling out to all mothers, fathers and parents to boycott the #babyspam hashtag and to start sharing pictures of your babies guilt free.

How pants will it be for your children to look back and for you to say "sorry love, I didn't post any pictures of you because I was worried some moody Mary thought pictures of you were spam".

Lou x

#boycottbabyspam #mybabyisnotspam

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