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Hey loves,

I'm Stacey the 32 year old Mumma behind the Down At The River brand.

I live just outside Cardiff, South Wales with my husband and two babes, Ryver and Forrest.

Giving birth to my first born, Ryver (prononced river.....hence the brand name) two years ago, was where it all began.

We'd just purchased our first home, I was on maternity leave and as my journey in to motherhood began, there I found myself.

Sat in a new property (in need of shit loads of work ), love drunk, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and covered in breastmilk!

I was riding that crazy wave of emotion. You know, that huge....... 'ain't nothing the same around here honey' .......... wave of emotion. The one that hits you when you’re figuring out life with a tiny, new, life dependant human in it. I knew I felt different.

It took a while for me to figure out, at first I put it down to my hormones. Of course I was going to feel different, right?

Until, eventually it dawned upon me.

Now, I've always considered myself a bit of a creative person; I love to write, styling & design are right up my street, I'm a home maker, a bit of a cook and generally (as mild as it may be) have always channelled my inner exhibitionist but, this…….. this was different?

What I was feeling was desire.

A new passion, and not for myself. A feeling stronger than I'd ever experienced. A longing desire.

A desire to make Ryver’s life & environment as loving, empowered, positive, supported & free as possible. Motherhood had changed me. I felt ignited!

From there, Down At The River was born. I consider it a lifestyle brand. Everything I offer I design and deliver myself.

Since setting out, my tiny tribe has grown. My son is six months old and with baby Forrest sat along side baby Ryver my quest to inspire through design couldn't be stronger.


S x

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