An online, monthly mind, body, soul - self development subscription.
Using a closed, private facebook group we'll support you through your self discovery journey as we serve, enlighten, find and love you; for you!
Expect live feeds, exercises, readings, energy healing, tools, tasks, journaling prompts and tips that'll support you to live a more positive, happier, healthier lifestyle.
This is an online, self help, support group. Upon purchase you’ll be added to a private S.E.L.F Facebook group. 

Your monthly subscription includes;
guided meditation, energy healing, working with crystals, intuitive work, breath work, working with essential oils, chakra balancing, rituals and routines 
This transformative, self mastery immersion will leave you feeling enlightened and empowered as we honour your mind, body and soul in support of a healthier mind self, healthier habits & behaviours
It's time to live your best life - unapologetically, authenticity you. FOR YOU!! Are you ready to transform?

S.E.L.F - Online Self Discovery Group. *MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION*

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