Serve.Enlighten.Love and Find yourself with our online, self mastery subscription; S.E.L.F This empowering holistic health experience comes complete with a beautifully selected, self loving - mind, body, skin care product package. From Wednesday 3rd March 2021, over 15 days - via a closed, private facebook group and with whatsapp support we'll coach & mentor you through a conscious, self care experience that'll align you with a happier, healthier more positive lifestyle. Your experience will include live feeds, practical exercises, readings, journaling prompts, energy healing, tasks and hints and tips that support your health & wellbeing. Your home delivered product package of pure, safe, botanical lifestyle products include some of our best selling nutrition range: Super Greens Balance - a spectrum of proprietary colour blends of alkalineforming whole fruit & vegtable powders; delivering antioxidants, phytonutrients & fibre. Digestion Plus - prebiotics, probiotics & enzymes to support digestive health & gut healing. Energy Fizz Sticks - our refreshing natural, energy drinks with essential A & B vitamins. Containing antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana & ginseng. Skin Elixir - drink in the glow. Our skin elixir works its magic from the inside out to boost collagen for healthy looking skin & hair. Containg a skin boosting botanical blend with sea buckthorn extract. These ethically sourced products have been chosen with your wellbeing in mind with each product beautifully complimenting the other. They work in harmony to deliver the best results for you. We will mentor you in 'how to use' the products - ensuring an experience of enhanced health. As we guide you through ' how to' nurture and tend to your mind, body, skin - and soul  we will work with the products to support you holistically from the inside, out! Additionally, our online workshops will demonstrate how you can work with essential oils, crystals and other metaphysical tools to shift you into alignment with successful habits, behaviours, routines & rituals. Our immersion of self mastery will connect you with your highest truth. Personal mind, body, skin care - spiritual alignment - self development growth & quantum mindset leaps. It's time to live your best life Goddess Gang are you with us?

S.E.L.F - A mind, body, skin retreat to the soul